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27 Jan 2024 -
Tibia Remains is now hosted in Miami - USA ! The best ping to America and Europe

Tibia Remains is now hosted in Miami - USA ! The best ping to America and Europe

14 Jan 2024 -
Remains Client 32 Bits has been released!

Remains Client 32 Bits has been released!

7 Jan 2024 -
Check out the update of 07/01/24

Check out the update of 07/01/24

5 Jan 2024 -
See what changed in the update from 02/01/24 to 05/01/24

See what changed in the update from 02/01/24 to 05/01/24

29 Dec 2023 -
Check out the update from 26/12/23 to 29/12/23

Check out the update from 26/12/23 to 29/12/23

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Remains Client 32 Bits has been released!

Are you a newcomer and actually using a 32 bits Windows? download it now!
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22.2.2024 -
18/02/2024 Server Changes
Author: GOD

Great Update Part 1 - 18/02/2024 Server Changes


  • Added new tasks on main: Wigglers, Crystalcrushers, Vulcongras, Warzone 1, Warzone 2, Warzone 3
  • Added new normal tasks on Rookgaard: Rotworm, Orc Spearman, Orc Warrior, High Orcs, Minotaur Warrior
  • Added new daily tasks on Rookgaard: Rotworm, Orc Spearman, Orc Warrior, Minotaur Warrior
  • Buffed the exp reward of some tasks of Rookgaard - Npc Gnomerrow now sells only Crystalline Arrows, Drill Bolts, Envenomed Arrows and Prismatic Bolts. Only requeriment is having the last Gnomerank on Bigfoot Burden's Quest.
  • Added new minibosses: Wiggler, Vulcongra, Minotaur Warrior, Roaring Lion  
  • Added new EXCLUSIVE promoted vocation on Rookgaard: Rookstayer . With this promotion you are able to use some support and healing spells, like {utevo lux, utevo gran lux, exura, exura gran, utani hur, exani tera, exani hur "up" or "down"}
  • Added more monsters to prey, like: All Warzones and Gnomebase monsters, Minotaur Warrior, Roaring Lion, Noble Lion, Massive Earth Elemental
  • Added minor crystalline token, major crystalline token and gnomish supply package to the Market ( need client restarting after the server's save )
  • Added new exclusive places on Rookgaard! Minotaur Warrior's Hell ( under mino hell ), War Wolf Lair ( under wolves of north-east ), West Underground Expansion ( entrance in skeleton cave of north-west ) , Rookgaard Orc Fortress ( entrance is in somewhere in the West Expansion )
  • New Quests in Rookgaard: {Promotion Quest level 30+ location: West Underground Expansion}; {Dark Helmet Quest - location: Minotaur Warrior's Hell}; {Scimitar Quest - location: West Underground Expansion}
  • Added Orc Warlord as a new boss in Rookgaard. Location: Rook Orc Fortress 
  • Added missing Npc "Ceiron" in Ab'Dendriel - Fixed a missing quest action in Helheim ( Ice Island Quest )
  • Added Lion's Rock respawn

13.2.2024 -
Carnaval Promo
Author: GOD



Hi fellows! For those who don't know, it's the biggest holiday season in Brazil. And as we value our Brazilian community, we took the opportunity to launch a flash promotion! Each donation over R$100.00 and/or U$20.00 (Euros too) will have the unprecedented bonus of 50% more Remains Coins. Enjoy it is for a limited time!

Promotion valid until Friday February 16th

7.2.2024 -
Rookama's Desert
Author: GOD

Brand New Rookgaard Area

Hello Remaining! We are proud to announce the new Rookgaard area containing challenging new creatures, quests and mysteries. Can you survive?

27.1.2024 -
Migration and Updates 27-01-2024
Author: ADM

Host Migration

Today we have migrated the server to another host. The server host just migrated from (Sao Paulo - Brazil) to (Miami - USA) for make it less laggy for everyone in Europe and other locations. 


Updates and Fixes of 27-01-2024

  • Fixed a stone that should be removed with a pick in Naginata quest
  • Fixed the respawns of Gray Island Bosses ( Jaul, Obujos and Tanjis ) . Their loot chance has been increased as well
  • Added missing NPCs of Gnomebase: Gnomillion , Commander Stone, Bigfoot Soldier
  • Premium outfits and addons are not an exclusive premium feature anymore.
  • House Limit per account has been changed to 3 instead of 1.
  • Frag decreasing duration is now 36 hours per frag ( it's 3x more hours than before ). So with this Red Skull duration is automatically increased by 3x
  • Added the "Rookarama" desert in Rookgaard ( entrance is close to the Sword of Fury )
  • Also New hunts and quests are almost done in Rookgaard, like west expansion, Minotaur Warrior hell, War Wolves/Amazons , Exura Scroll Quest, Scimitar Quest, and much more!

17.1.2024 -
Updates of 17/01/2024
Author: GOD

Server Changes and fixes:

  • Added new things to the store, Magic Gold Converter, Empty Vial Remove Ability, Supply Teleport Access and House Construction Agreements; in Training Section! (Client Restart is required)
  • New command available: !vial
  • MC Limit is now up to 4 instead of 3 per IP
  • Bosses of Gray Island are now working properly. (Jaul, Obujus, Tanjis)
  • Added new task: Coryms
  • Added new minibosses to: Corym Charlatan, Corym Skirmisher, Corym Vanguard

Map Change:

  • Added the big respawn of Coryms in Venore


  • The Remain's World now have new areas in specific places called Supply Teleport Area. If you are allowed to pass the doors, you can simply throw your supplies' backpack on the teleport and it will appears at the hunt entrance! The known areas are: Razachai, DL POI, DL Fenrock, Quaras Yalahar (Sunken Quarter), Deeplings (Gray Island), Temple Complex (Muggy Plains), Port Hope (close to NPC Lorek) , Deeper Banuta, Pits of Inferno, Vengoth, Vengoth Castle and The Inquisition. OBS: these doors are not working at the moment, I just forgot to add the action to them. But dont worry, it must be working fine at next server save;
  • After the next server save, the mana will not regen inside protection zones of the houses anymore. If you still want to activate the training in your house, there is another alternative: House Counstruction Agreement ! You can have a non-protection zone training area inside the house , starting at 4 Sqms to 16 Sqms , depends on the agreement type. To see more information, check the item description in the ingame Store. So if you buy an agreement today, just give it to a GM, and your training area will be done after next server save. We will have a dedicated page on our website soon to explain it better.

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